A Two in One Combo: One Bill Promises to Nix Contraception Coverage and Deny Women Life Saving Abortions

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 By: Lily Wiley

Unemployment is at 9.1% this week. That number is quite daunting for us college students. President Obama laid out a job plan, but Congress shot it down. One bill Congress did approve this week was HR-358, better known as the “Protect Life While Killing Women Act.”

 The bill would do three very bad things:

 1)   It would force women to give up their private health insurance policies, if they included abortion coverage.

 2)   It gives hospitals the right to deny women life saving, emergency abortions. This is in direct conflict with the existing law under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. It states women must be stabilized before being transferred or discharged.

  3)   It reverses the new Health and Human Services Department Decision allowing contraception, like the birth control pill, to be covered under private insurance plans at no additional cost. As a college student paying $50 every three months for birth control pills, reversing this decision blows!

 Why is the conservative House of Representatives so intent on limiting my choices as a woman? In addition to forcing women to give up their abortion coverage, this bill paves the way for loopholes in insurance policies that would deny any kind of contraception coverage to women. That means our pills, IUDs, rings, shots, etc. would not be covered at all! It’s already a pain in the butt to get contraception; if I have to pay out of pocket, it will be an even big bummer! Are they trying to create another baby boom?

 So let’s lay it all out here, our economy still sucks, jobs are hard to find, if you’re like me you have forgotten the meaning of the word “raise,” and I graduate next year. What is Congress doing spending their time on bills like this? How does this help me? How does it help you? Not only does it not help me, it actually hurts me!

 Emily’s List is an organization focused on getting more pro-choice women into Congress and encouraging women voters to get out and stand up. Here, pro-choice is not simply referring to abortions, it is the choice to choose contraception. The concept here is very simple, contraception is good.

 Thankfully, it is doubtful HR-358 (The Act That Kills Women) will make it through the Senate. Most likely, it will never become a law. However, the issue remains that the conservative majority in the House of Representatives is plotting against a woman’s right to choose, and her right to preventative health coverage.

 I mean seriously Joe Pitts (R-Pa., author of HR-358), all I want to do is prevent a baby from popping out of my body, graduate college, find a job, and become a contributing member of society. Lugging around an adorable, slobbery, poopy infant kind of bursts that bubble. Joe Pitts, go back to your office, write me a bill that will help me get a job next year, and stop trying to limit my access to birth control. 

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