Protecting Your Children

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I am speaking from experience when I say: a child grows up to be haunted by believing and fearing things from his or her own past. I was frequently molested for about ten years of my life. I used to have nightmares as I would cry myself to sleep in fear of not knowing if my stepdad was going to creep into my room as I slept. Envy, anger, hatred, and panic were common emotions that embodied me throughout my adolescence.  As an adult, I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Often when I am driving, lying in my bed, or even daydreaming, I think of myself being kidnapped, raped, or murdered, especially at night.  I never understood that what was done to me was wrong, and I never knew what I could have done to prevent it from happening to me.

According to the Child-help, , about three million reports of child abuse are reported every year, and only about 7.6 percent of cases are related to sexual abuse. But many cases, like my own, go unnoticed and overlooked.

It is important for every parent to communicate on an open level with their children, and allow their children to understand the difference between acceptable and inappropriate touching and misconduct. Often times a parent or guardian does not find the time to sit and chat with their children, or they may feel uncomfortable discussing content of this nature with their child. No one wants someone they know —whether it’s a cousin, sister, daughter, son, or brother— raped or molested. It disgusts me to see the growing numbers of cases and incidents where children are targeted and preyed upon. Children are the future. If we are able to send our children into a stable and safe environment, they will be able to become better people and better leaders in their time.