South African Traditional Marriage

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By: Larosa

African women are educated from their childhood to be helpers, mothers, and rule followers. Women are subject to domestic violence from their fathers to their husbands. Besides domestic violence, African women, especially in the Congo, are being abused or even raped ,and no media is really talking about it. Most of the time, they are raped by either their own husband or politicians (the most powerful people). The government doesn’t intervene for these poor women. The saddest thing is they are not even able to control their bodies. Men can manipulate their bodies however they want. Some women get pregnant without their consent, and they cannot abort. Finally, marriage is another thing that making African women suffer. For instance, in South Africa, in order to marry a woman, the groom must pay the bride a price called Lobola. The bride’s family asked for cows and some amount of money. After paying that price, the groom feels like the bride belongs to him. He can treat her however he wants because she has been bought. Moreover, the groom can pay the bride price for as many as brides he wants depending on how much money he has. The South African President, Jacob Zuma, has paid the bride price for his fifth wife. One of the reasons South Africa has the highest rate in AIDS is polygamy. Whenever the bride price has been paid, the bride is considered like any of the groom’s belongings. The bride’s family cannot interfere because the marriage has been consummated. The money paid or the objects given are not subject to be returned no matter what. At this point, the bride is unable to take any action since government has allowed this kind of treatment. No judicial action is taken again the groom because the way the society set up the rules. Marriage is supposed to be something enjoyable, but in most African countries it is a prison. Whenever you got locked in, there is no way you can get out.

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