WTF? Domestic Violence Law Repealed

Posted on October 25, 2011 by


By: Mer

Justice has been turned on it’s head in the heartland of the United States. Due to crippling budget cuts Topeka, Kansas has found it “necessary” to cut funding from cases involving domestic violence. People who should be convicted felons for their heinous crimes are being let free without any being held accountable for their actions or even given a slap on the wrist.

In response to the repeal of the Topeka Domestic Violence law, it is without a doubt an inalienable human right to be protected under the law from domestic abuse. In so many cases domestic violence is silenced and goes unreported for long periods of time. It is a vicious cycle that affects every part of a family not just women, but men and children are also victims of abuse. This is an issue that concerns and affects all facets of American life. This law involves an issue of basic human rights and as such should be the concern of every human being. Domestic violence is not refutable or disputable, and it is absolutely wrong. As human beings we should be very disturbed and moved by this.

Think about it this way: when victims of domestic violence replicate their actions upon others, when some are murdered, scarred for life, jailed for other heinous crimes; how much will it really cost Kansas?

Budget cuts are getting to beIt’s time to write your local representative, spread the word by raising awareness. I urge everyone to stand together. Get angry, and get involved. I urge you to write the Kansas City council. Let them know that we won’t stand to have human rights thrown out the window in the interest of fixing their irresponsible management. Never had I thought I would see the day where a domestic violence case would not be heard in U.S. court.