Riot Grrrl!

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By:  B

Riot Grrrl was a popular feminist group that was active in the ‘90s along with Bikini Kill and Bratmobile. They were bands that sang about the issues women were constantly facing such as incest, rape, and abortion. Riot Grrrl began in 1991 in Olympia, Washington. Women from Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, and elsewhere came together to talk about feminism and punk rock. They all had different backgrounds, but their passion for equality brought them together.

At first, their emphasis was connecting with other women that were facing the same issues and had common interests. However, they soon realized that they had more in common than they were aware of.  They were against the use of drugs, pro-vegetarian, and many of them had experienced sexual assault as children. For a while, they would have meetings and discuss the topics that were of interest to them. However, one day at a meeting, one of the participants took notes on the conversations that the women were having and turned it into a “fanzine”. These women believed in doing things for themselves, so they worked on chapters and zines that were based around the feminist movement. This group of feminists was constantly being criticized. Many people thought that the women were “man haters” but in reality, all they wanted was social equality- nothing more, nothing less.

For the most part, their meetings consisted of women getting together to discuss the issues that they, and women all over the world, were facing – and of course, their love for punk rock music.