Who’s Smarter than Who?!

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By:  SPH

Do you find it ridiculous when people say that men are more intelligent than women, and that it’s an actual scientific fact? I find it absurd that gender based intelligence could be proven by science.  One study shows that in the genius level IQ of 145, brilliant men out number brilliant women by 8 to 1.  Moreover, it is concluded that this is because men have a wider range of intelligence than women because, on average, they are more competitive and motivated towards success.  The study also stated that women get distracted when it comes to their “genetically preconditioned aptitude for nurture and support.” Gender stereotype much?

Okay, let’s talk more about studies.  There are an enormous amount of them that contain totally contradictory information.  Some of them show that women are more intelligent than men.  One of these studies, conducted by Higher Education researchers, said that female students are ahead of male students in almost every measure of UK university achievement.  Also a Higher Education Policy Institute report showed that women are more likely to acquire positions in the top universities and go on to achieve better grades.

With all this conflicting information, one is left to wonder what is fact and what is fiction.  I believe the truth of the matter is simplistic in form, and I will not make a statement that women are better and smarter than men or vice versa. Why is it so important to prove that one is smarter than the other?  I am of the opinion that intelligence is not based on gender, nor can it be quantified by any current tests.  Although there are many tests out there that aim to rate intelligence quotients, they are lacking a balanced matriculation of all seven intelligences.  Thus, they are inefficient and ineffectual.

If they were proficient, they would surely find that both women and men are highly intelligent beings that continue to evolve throughout life.  Being highly intelligent probably denotes the inability of any human to quantify one gender as being “better” than the other.  At least one would hope.

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