Don’t Call Me “Doll Face”

Posted on October 27, 2011 by


By: Michaella

A year or so ago, I was in a meeting at work. As usual, I began to let my mind wander as my manager began his usual lecture on how we need to cut back on the number of napkins we hand out, and how we need to be on top of making sure our customers have full beer glasses, and how we need to, “Up sell, up sell, up sell!”I suddenly got drawn back into the content of the meeting when I heard the phrase, “Not skinny enough to work here.”

My jaw dropped in shock, as he began explaining how if a girl is the “face” of his business, she must be fit and attractive, not overweight or old. Now, mid you, by “old” he meant over the age of thirty!

I sat there, utterly disturbed, and could not believe he was legally discussing this at our meeting. Turns out, people found out he was an idiot, and he was eventually replaced.

During another point during my time at the bar, an older gentleman, who visits the bar regularly, referred to a friend and co-worker of mine as, “1-800-booty”. Instantly, she became enraged. She firmly told him she did not appreciate the way he addressed her, and that she would not like him to do it again. The man instantly went and complained to the manager, who in turn wrote up my co-worker for “arguing” with a customer.

People are being discriminated against in all realms of the workforce in our country, and for all kinds of reasons: ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, age, and many other reasons.

We must take a stance against this behavior and feel comfortable understanding the laws that stand with us, against sexual harassment at work.

I think many people are under the illusion this mainly happens in large, corporate companies. In reality, it is happening everywhere around us.

Many women may feel that it must be part of their job to be referred to as “baby doll,” “sweetie,” or “darling;” however, it is unacceptable to put up with that.

We must stand together as women and realize we DO have a voice, and it must be heard. We must stand up for ourselves in the workplace. We must stand up for ourselves everyday, in every way.