Here’s to you Koala

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By: ??

Here’s to you, Koala

Deflecting all the hatred, we write this rhyme,

Having hope in the future for the peace in our minds.

Great leaders in our past have spread their words and spoke,

Of a world without evil, even harmful pranks and jokes.

Hey there Koala, you wanna write some comedy,

I’m truly writing this without any animosity.

I want a commitment, and not a probably,

Do me a favor, and promise me,

That you’ll change your writing to be garbage free,

And stop isolating people on your targeting spree.

Claiming “Freedom of Speech” is your piss-poor excuse,

People who write for you should never reproduce.

Ignorant people like you go around being blind,

Treat others how you want to be treated, and start with your own kind.

It will open your eyes to see a world without hatred,

Social Justice will reform you, I know we can make it…

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