New Law in North Carolina Threatens Women’s Right to Know

Posted on October 29, 2011 by


By: Raven

North Carolina’s new bill, entitled the ‘The Women’s Right to Know Act’ has gone into effect.  The act includes that the state list all Crisis Pregnancy Centers on a state website. Also, for each driver who purchases the newly personalized $25 ‘Choose Life’ license plates, $15 dollars will be given to more than 60 pregnancy centers across North Carolina, according to the Gaston Gazette in North Carolina.  

Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Pregnancy Centers are “non-profit agencies designed to help those facing an unplanned pregnancy situation. All services are free and confidential” states, also known as a Pregnancy Center website.  However, according to the Feminist Majority Foundation, “Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are typically run by anti-choice organizations with staff and volunteers who usually are not licensed medical professionals. They often use misinformation to intimidate women out of considering abortion, and provide false information about birth control and the effectiveness of condoms for the prevention of STIs and HIV. Ultimately, their tactics delay women from receiving comprehensive medical care.”

Crisis Pregnancy Centers target college students mostly.  They use advertisements such as “free” pregnancy test to attract young people who do not understand that the people in these centers will soon give them misinformation or lies to draw them away from the option of abortion.  It can be very hard to identify which clinics or centers may be a Crisis Pregnancy Center when they seem to outnumber real clinics 2:1, with an estimated total of 3,500 Crisis Pregnancy Centers nationwide.   Click here to see how many Crisis Pregnancy Centers are in your location.

The money from the ‘Choose Life’ license plates in North Carolina is the first time the state is doing an upstream funding.  There are already 300 people ready to purchase the new-found license plates, regardless of all the investigation results pro-choice groups have found on the Crisis Pregnancy Centers.  Even though North Carolina believes this will help women and inform them about “their right to know”, are they really accomplishing their goal or setting women up for disaster?