Does our gender limit the things we are able to do? Part 1

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Can girls play football while boys do ballet? There should be no reason that our gender should limit the things we are able to do. It is less common for girls to play “boy” sports but it does not mean that should not allow girls to do what they want. When girls were younger it was the cool thing to compete with boys and try to do better than them at sports but as the children become teens they would much rather have boys look at girls as girlfriends rather than a friend who acts like one of the guys. Girls experience different hormones than boys in addition to having endurance, speed, and strength, meaning in my eyes girls have the opportunity to compete, but would have to try a lot harder than boys.
When I was looking for this picture I typed into Google images “co-ed football” almost all the pictures came up as flag football pictures. It was very interesting to see that a no contact version of football was the most common images to show up.
If girls played football would it change the game? I think it would change the game of football in many ways. Referees would throw more flags on tackles if it was a guy tackling a girl. The rules of football were based on man on man action so they would have to change the rules for women to play. They would have to come in consideration to wear a girl would get dressed before and after games. While most pep talks are in the locker rooms, girls would have to go in their own separate locker room.
What does gender have to do with whether a human being is allowed to play a sport or not? Who is allowed to play a particular sport should have never been based on gender. The NFL Youth Football league allows boys and girls from the ages of 5-11 with all different age divisions to play co-ed but from ages 12-17 it is separated by sex. Girls play against girls and boys play against boys regardless how good a girl may be, but if a guy were to be really bad at football would they consider allowing a boy to play in a girl’s league? Regardless of gender, people should have equal opportunities.
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