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By: K.B.

It is exciting to finally see the Occupy Wall Street Movement catching the media’s attention. For weeks this severely, under publicized protest was going unrecognized by the general public. However, with much enthusiasm, I am happy to say that our mission is slowly starting to gain the validity and respect it deserves. My personal pursuit for this movement is to inform the public of the clear mistreatment and allocation of funds from the Federal Bailout; compel the government to change its policies and discriminant behavior against the lower/working class; expose the major banking corporations and their CEO’s for fraudulently misusing their bailout funds; and, demand a solution for student debt crisis. It is our job as a nation to question where and to whom all of this money is going to. We are not a responsible nation if we don’t hold our representatives accountable.

Why haven’t we seen an economical turn-around and dissolution of our national debt?  Many answers have been given, but no solutions have been sought. As a student, it was very hard to see people question our ideals and motives behind this movement. While we were seeing an ample amount of media coverage, the bias of the coverage was a bit discouraging. Many news agencies were starting to report that the protesters were unorganized, and failing to declare what exactly they expected from occupying various cities across the U.S. However, our message is clear. We want justice. We want equality. We want answers.

Much of the opposition to our movement declares that “life is not always fair,” or my personal favorite, “I started with nothing, why should your generation complain?” I can, without a doubt in my mind, say that I wish our generation started out with nothing. At least we would have had something to build up to. But instead, we are inheriting a whole big mess left behind by corruption and extreme capitalistic greed. So once again, here I ask, what can we do to make a difference? While I can sit here and blog all day long about how morally corrupt our nation has become, nothing is really being done to actively fix the problem? How can we all make small steps to decrease our role in the perpetuating cycle of social inequality?

As I can say for myself, I try to shop at privately owned local stores and stay away from giant corporations like Target and Wal-Mart (who was recently involved in a huge civil lawsuit for discrimination against women), I do no not apply for credit cards, and I use my education to teach others about what is happening in our country, so the truth can be exposed and the principles of accountability can begin to foster a new era of truth in America.
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