Terminator Redux: The Koala

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By: Blaine

The Koala. They have every right to publish whatever they want…all part and parcel of their First Amendment rights. I do not agree with anything they say, but I will defend their right to say it…just not now, not ever, not anywhere hate is unwelcome, and by no means at this or any other institution. They have no legal right to, and we have no legal obligation to allow, the distribution of this fishwrap here on OUR campus. Would President Haynes allow the distribution of Hustler magazine, which thrives by objectifying women, or the Neo-Nazi Nationalist Socialist magazine, which in a recent issue overlayed a gun scope on the head of President Obama with the caption “Kill this Nigger?” (the question mark keeps this from being a command threat), or any other inflammatory, hateful publication that serves no purpose and only gives hatred a package in which to be delivered?

The problem here is NOT The Koala. The problem is President Haynes’ lack of willingness, desire and/or motivation to act decisively and kick this trash to the curb. The Koala must be banned from the campus now. And anyone contributing to the paper in any manner that delivers a message of hate, no matter how they claim it as humor, must also be kicked. This is OUR right, to study on a campus free from hate.

Hatred is far too easy, it requires no effort of thought or action. Caring and compassion are hard work, require great thought and great amounts of effort. It is time to bring this chapter of lazy, thoughtless hate mongers to a close. They are an infestation of termites eating away at the inner structure of our campus. It’s time for President Haynes to take proper action as “The Terminator.”

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Editor’s note: Although we do not advocate banning publications, we appreciate Blaine’s sentiment, and we do ask that The Koala be distributed on campus just as other campus publications are — in vendor boxes.

However, we do not hesitate for a second to denounce The Koala‘s owner, George Lee Liddle III, for promoting pedophilia, rape, homophobia, racism, misogyny, forced pornography and a litany of other despicable forms of violence, while pretending he believes it is humor.

Neither do we hesitate to denounce The Koala‘s printer, Gardena Valley News Web Offset, for profiting from such violent and obscene content.

We encourage you to give the printer a buzz to discourage the printshop owners from their irredeemable pursuit:

Edward Verdugo, CEO: edwardv@gvnoffset.com

Daniel Verdugo, COO: danielv@gvnoffset.com

Gardena Valley News Web Offset
Phone: 310-329-6351
Fax: 310-329-7501

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