I’m A Person- Not Your Object

Posted on November 10, 2011 by


By: Michaella

Advertisement companies, such as Caress, are exploiting the woman’s body to sell their products; enforcing society’s idea of the importance of body image and trying to win over the consumer. Extreme provocative images are used to capture the attention of the intended audience- women. Caress successfully gains the attention of their intended female audience in their advertisements through strategically depicting woman who appear to be perfect in all aspects. A woman viewing these advertisements would look at these depicted women who have a smile on their face and a suggestive look in their eyes and their eyebrows raised, and want to experience that same sense of sensuality.

With slogans such as “Your skin is about to become the ultimate fashion statement”, printed on their advertisements, the women for whom this is aimed towards are trained to think that their fashion sense depends greatly if not solely on their body. This can raise major self-esteem issues for young women with a negative body image. Consumers are viewing these advertisements and seeing a sensual, seductive woman that according to society, any man would be interested in, and in turn wanting to buy this product in hopes that they too will be equally silky and desired. In order to capture the most attention from their intended audience, Caress focuses on the stereotype that women want to be wanted. Where did this well-known fact originate? The media. As Jean Killbourne states in Killing Us Softly 3,“Advertising is the foundation of the mass media.”  The public is exposed to advertisements in their everyday life, and it is these ads that tell us how to dress or what to eat or how thin or muscular we should be depending on our gender. The media creates a benchmark that pressures the people to strive for a certain look that will gain them acceptance. How do we change this?

We need to begin now in our mission of informing young girls that the media portrays people as flawless in an effort to get them to become consumers of their product, not because that is how your body should really look. We need to show our youth (especially young girls, as these are our number one consumers in our society), that every body is beautiful in its own way. Events such as “Love Your Body Day”, or commercials for Dove body products, which depict women of all ethnicity/age/size, help us achieve our goal- to help our society appreciate their bodies for what they are.