Dr. Pepper is only for Men: Sexism, Racism, and Homophobia in Popular Advertisements

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As usual, I was half doing my homework, half watching television at the same time when I heard “It’s not for women!”. I immediately looked up thinking ‘Did I just hear what I think I heard??’. It was a Dr. Pepper 10 commercial , which had a very masculine, “macho” theme.

The commercial starts off with a very masculine man in a Rambo outfit running around in the trees, dodging bullets, and yelling out “Hey ladies, this movie is not for you!”. That immediately turned me off. I, as a woman, personally love action films. But whatever movie he was talking about, I definitely would not love. The commercial continues on with him driving around in a jeep, with his weapon in his hand, being chased by his “enemies”. Then the commercial ends with him saying “It’s not for women!”.

Wouldn’t the company gain more profits if they sold their products to both men AND women consumers? Or do they really want only men to purchase their products, since apparently women can’t handle their drinks. This might seem like a huge joke to many audience but really it’s not funny at all. Media takes a big part in influencing everyone’s life and the society. By spreading this sexist message to its audience, people will definitely think that being sexist is okay because sexism is supposed to be humorous according to our media. And this will keep getting in our way to social equality that our society needs.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the Dr.Pepper 10 commercial that promotes prejudice and inequality.

Yes, they actually used these horrible homophobic and racist themes in their ad campaigns. Ridiculous, I know. Apparently according to these advertisement and commercial, men who are not masculine should eat the Snickers bars to grow some “balls” because men who are feminine can’t be allowed in our society. Also, if you have dark skin, dark curly hair, and a full figure, you have to use Dove in order to be “clean and beautiful” with white skin, light colored hair, and a petite figure.

Advertisements and commercials that promote inequality, prejudice, and hatred, like the ones I have shown above, should be banned from our media. These are not just a bunch of jokes and will never come close to being humorous. Companies who make these kinds of ad campaigns are just like the Koala. Their excuse will always be “We have rights to make these commercials and advertisements. And they are meant to be funny.”.

If you are interested in taking a part in stopping these hateful speeches in media, please click the link below to sign the petition to stop Dr.Pepper’s sexist ad campaigns. You can be part of the movement to end this inequality and prejudice for our better society.


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