Does our gender limit the things we are able to do? Part 2

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By: MDo not let your gender stop you from doing what you want!
Will 7-year old Bobby Montoya make a change in the world for all transgendered people? Montoya is a transgender boy who wants to join the girl scouts because he classifies himself as a female. The girl scouts website says any girl, teenager, or adult that is a female can join. It does not say one word about males joining, Montoya feels like he would fit in perfectly with the Girl Scouts and wants to bond with the girls.

Is his mom doing the right thing in supporting him as being transgender at such a young age? I think yes, yes, and yes! Regardless what the age of a person they discover themselves, parents should always be supportive and behind them a 100%. Many transgender, gay, and bisexual people struggle to become who they really are because they are scared of what society will think of them. The gender you were born with does not mean it defines you. The Girl Scouts of Colorado have publicly announced that they do support transgender children, meaning if a child indentifies themselves as a girl as well as the parents,  then the child is more than welcomed to join.
Heaven help the American-born boy with a talent for ballet.”- Camille Paglia. This quote really caught my eye, why does it matter if he was born a boy? His gender should limit him to the things he wants to do. I hope Montoya joins the girl scouts not only for his benefit but to also show others to follow their instincts in doing what they want regardless of their gender. He is still young, but he will definitely inspire many of the people in this world. Girl scouts may have to adjust their rules and consider whether girls and boys will be able to sleep in the same tents when they go camping.
Thanks to Montoya, there have been multiple requests for other transgender children to join the girl scouts. For all transgender people, this is slowly allowing change for the better!
This is part two of a series, part one can be found HERE.
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