Female Pleasure

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By: M

I grew up with an older sister that always told me “Guys just want to have sex with you, so you need to wait a few months, until the guy falls in love with you, to have sex with him; otherwise, he is just going to use you.” This was something most of my friends knew about guys as well. It was a big game where women play hard-to-get. Even if they’re only interested in sex with a guy, they will wait to have sex so they are not called sluts. It is expected for a guy to make the first move on a woman, but if a woman were to kiss the guy or make the first move, she would be judged as easy.

Why are women considered a “slut or a “whore” if they pick up a guy from the bar and take them home? At the same time, if a man picks up a woman from the bar to take her home for the night, why are they called “the man”, a “pimp”, or a “player”?

Society allows men to hold their heads high when they have sex with multiple women, but it is frowned upon for a lady to have sex with a lot of men. Society makes women look like they do not have the hormones to want sex. Women are degraded for wanting to have sex and men are applauded for it.

Why is this okay? Why are men allowed to be proud of being a pimp or a player while women have to be ashamed of sleeping around? Women cannot even make out with their boyfriends in public without being looked down upon. It just shows how the public is so judgmental about what women shouldn’t do or think. We have grown up in this world thinking that women are sluts for having one night stands, and future generations will think the same thing if we do not stand up for  what we believe in.  

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