Faculty and Students’ Budget Dispute: Shame on you, Chancellor!

Posted on November 28, 2011 by


On Nov 17th, CSU faculty members and students got together at CSU Dominguez Hills to protest the school budget cuts. For those of you who weren’t aware, these budget cuts has resulted in omitted pay raises for teachers and increased tuition fees for students. On this day, not only did they protest at CSUDH, but they boycotted classes to show that without the faculty and the students, universities cannot run properly. This drastic measure illustrated how serious they were in making their point to the CSU Board of Trustees, Chancellor, and Presidents.
CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed refused to give faculty members their promised pay increases (2008-2010) due to the state budget cuts resulting in not being able to afford the raises. Now here’s the shady part: If the system cannot afford to pay for faculty members, why are Reed and CSU administrators’ salaries and benefits increasing?
Many students, including myself, are already in a great amount of debt because of this ridiculous increase in tuition fees. We haven’t even graduated yet! Even after the graduation, we will still be in debt, paying off our student loans. Sorry, but that’s reality. Ask any recent graduate. And the faculty members worked so hard to get to their current job positions— how can they continue their tireless efforts if they aren’t being paid what they should be paid?
On Reed’s website, he wrote: “we carry out our mission to provide access to high-quality education for the students of California, we are focused on providing opportunity, offering accountability, and being responsive to our state’s changing needs”.  Chancellor Reed, I think you should go over what you wrote on your website. You need to either make changes on what you wrote, or make changes in your current actions.