Herman Nature – Herman Cain Has Issues with Women

Posted on November 28, 2011 by


By: Medicei


Most of my contact with Herman Cain has come from the coverage of his various recent accusations of sexual misconduct. Apparently he heard the saying that “any publicity is good publicity” and he took it as a challenge.

Since October, at least 4 women have come forward claiming to have been sexually harassed by Mr. Cain. Over the course of the past weeks, Cain has responded by
    1)    Disavowing all knowledge of any previous settlements made on his behalf even though records show it was settled over ten years ago.
    2)    Refusing to answer any questions relating to possible misconduct on his part
    3)    Claiming that he has “never acted inappropriately with anyone, period.”
    4)    Calling his accusers “loose women” brought forward by the “democrat machine”
Now, let’s put aside for a minute the huge issues I have with this sort of demonization of harassment victims. Even if we pretend that none of the current allegations were a problem, I’d still question the man’s integrity and respect for women by his blatant sexist comments on televised events.

The main gem of my concern: In November 9th’s GOP debate on CNBC, Cain referred to Nancy Pelosi as “Princess Nancy”. …You’ll have to excuse me for a moment while I try to wrap my head around how this could ever be considered an appropriate title for one of the most highly-ranked women in American history (excluding Oprah).

When confronted about the “unwise” nature of using such an offensive and gendered term when he’s already in a heap of gender-based trouble, Cain actually apologized. Could it be? Could Herman Cain see the error of such offensive language and regret dismissing a fellow human being based on their gender? …The answer is no. When pressed, he stated that the reason he was apologizing was, not because he regretted his actions, but “So you [reporters] will stop asking me about it, ok?”

So what have we learned about Herman Cain? We’ve learned he is willing to lie and spread false information to hide mistakes he’s made from the public. We’ve learned that he does not feel that the harassment of women is a serious issue, and continues to demoralize them. More than anything, we have learned that Herman Cain has never had any respect for any woman, period.