Tell the CSU Fee’s to Take a Hike

Posted on November 30, 2011 by


By: K.B.
Before I was enrolled at CSU San Marcos, I was a student at CSU San Francisco from 2007-2008 (between then and now I was at a community college), when the last major payment I made for classes was $1,800.00 for a fulltime class schedule. I remember being so excited to be back in the CSU system when I got accepted to the San Marcos campus.

As I was preparing to make my fee payments, I almost passed out in shock. I had not kept up with recent CSU fee hikes since I was a student at SFSU and when I saw that classes were roughly $1,500.00 higher in the span of 3 years, I almost lost it! Let’s just say I became very liberal overnight.

I started to investigate what exactly my money was going towards. I understood that the bulk of it was just to pay for classes, but then I started to look into things like the student health services and the amount of classes available for transfer students. I saw that every student was paying $60.00 for mental health fees for only 2 psychologists and 1 psychiatrist provided by the school; another $80.00 for athletic fees (for the sports that I don’t play); and over half the classes I needed only had one section available (which were all full). Needless to say, I was very outraged, and they even have the nerve to make us pay $370.00 per semester to park a car. How could supposed professionals who run our CSU system not see that the numbers were not adding up?I, along with many students, am being taken advantage of. The benefit of a Cal State University is that it is a public campus, funded by taxpayer’s money. These taxpayers also send their children to these universities with hopes that it lowers the costs and doesn’t put a strain on their wallets. Yes, compared to private universities, this college choice is cheaper, but in my opinion, not cheap enough. We pay our fair share of taxes, now I plead with you, CSU Board, stop hoarding all the money and learn to disperse it wisely so all of us can benefit. This being said, I have always been an advocate for socialized education because I firmly believe that with education, comes societal progression, and without it, we are stuck in an ever revolving society that perpetuates racism, classism, sexism, and discrimination.