About Us

WTF! aims to promote a socially just future for all. Our mission is to inform, educate and empower readers via coverage of local, national, and global issues from a social justice lens. We seek to be an instrument of change and strive to create an oppression-free future. Our name is derived from our belief that a socially just future requires concerted actions and efforts. We are comprised of students, activists, parents, educators, writers, and artists. Collectively we aim to create the future world we wish to inhabit.

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  1. Thank you Call Out The Koala for adding us to your blogroll. We have added you also and the article will be sent to the editors to be posted on WTF! blog.

    WTF! Team

  2. Hi, WTF,

    Any possibility you all would re-publish the following story from Call Out The Koala: http://calloutthekoala.com/2011/11/10/cal-state-students-file-title-ix-complaint-with-u-s-office-for-civil-rights/ ?

    And how about adding our link to your blogroll? We’ve added you all to ours!

    We’d appreciate it!


  3. Grace Teri

    November 9, 2011

    Hey WTF!

    I just learned about your blog and mission and would like to take part as well. Please, what are your submission guidelines?



    • Grace,
      There should be a call for contributors page posted on Tuesday Nov 29 that will include all the information your looking for.
      Hope this helps.


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