Call For Contributors

Worried about what the future holds?

Would you like to change the future?

Why not WRITE to change the future?!?


Share your articles and stories with a new student-led blog and publication, WTF! We’re the Future by submitting to:

Submit 300 to 1000 word short article or blog posts to to be considered for posting on the WTF! blog and/or possible inclusion in the print publication.

Submission guidelines:

  • Articles should be between 300 to 1000 words and written in a provocative, entertaining, and educational prose. We especially like satire and biting analysis!
  • Submissions should include a catchy headline at the top, the body of the article (with hyperlinks), and a pen name at the bottom.
  • The subject line of your submission should read “WTF submission by (your last name).
  • Within your emailed submission you are encouraged to include any hyperlinks that help support or elaborate on your particular article, and if you choose to include any photos or video links, please include the appropriate URLs.
  • Please note that WTF reserves the right to edit submissions.
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