Contributing Writers

Abigail Leigh: I like to think of myself as a feminist.  I feel this way because I think that all men and women should have equal rights.  I believe that many issues regarding women, and even men, don’t get talked about in public.  It is important to make social issues known to the public so they can begin to change.  This publication is something that will help open the eyes to both genders.  Multiple issues will be covered and discussed.  My job will be to get information out to the public that is helpful and useful.

JOAN: I am a thirty two year old, married mother of two.  I have done a lot of living in this life, and I have learned from most of it.  I have learned that no two people are completely different and there will never be two people who are the same in every way, except for the fact they’re human – a common thread that connects us all.  I love people.  I believe in the inherent nature of human goodness even though I have seen human weakness.  I am an advocate of the underdog – now and forever.  I speak from my heart with unabridged honesty as a form of respect to my listener’s intellect and capacity for reason.

Yann Esparron: My name is Yann Esparron, I am a 20 year old, Mexican, and queer self-identified woman’s rights activist. I am very passionate about LGBTQIA, especially transgender and immigrant rights. The Trans community is severely underrepresented even within the queer community and face violence more often than most.   I feel that through my lesbianism that I am able to understand the plight of my fellow Mexican brothers and sisters. I like to focus on intersectionality when looking at marginalized groups. I believe that through one’s own oppression we can understand each other’s struggles. Once that happens, we can move forward to end all oppression

SPH: I am an Asian, heterosexual, married female from a working class family. I am a college educated woman who was born in South Korea, where I was raised for the first 11years of my life. In 2001, my family and I moved to California for business and educational purposes. I consider my first couple years in California as the toughest years of my life so far, mostly because of the different cultural environment and language barriers; however, I have learned to respect different kinds of cultures. Currently, I am working toward getting a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Women’s Studies at Cal State University San Marcos. As an Asian woman, I have experienced and noticed many oppressions and prejudice under the patriarchal societal structure. I believe that we should all promote social justice for our future and fight against all kinds of prejudice and oppression related to gender, sexual, racial, or class.

HIH: Growing up I lived with my mom, dad, and older brother. We were a very close family and I thank my parents for giving me every tool I needed to survive in today’s word. My parents taught me to be a strong individual and not to depend on anyone to give me what I want in life. They taught me to work hard and then work harder. When I was 18 I met my husband and my life changed. I moved out of my parents’ house and started a life with my husband. We soon married in Hawaii with 20 of our closest friends and family. I have a wonderful son and I put an emphasis on teaching him to treat women as equals. I think it is extremely important to teach young children social justice issues, because as we all know, children are the future.

B: I am a 21 year olds. I am White and Mexican, I am straight, I am Christian and I am a female. I am currently going to school full time as well as working full time. I am a Communications Major working towards giving women equal rights. Many people assume feminist activists don’t like men, which is not the case. We just want to have the same opportunities men do. I hope to see a change in the way society views women and the opportunities we are given.

Dreamerjess147: I’m a reader, a writer, and a deep thinker who likes exploring ideas and theories. My goal is to try to see all sides of an issue; then make you (the reader) see them yourself and be able to decide what you think is right. Some more information about me: I’m a psychology major at Cal State San Marcos, and with a minor in literature and writing. I plan to be a clinical counselor and a novelist. I love reading, writing, debating, overanalyzing, and promoting social justice. I’m an odd mixture of fiery and reserved, but once someone has my trust (and they realize I’m a good person) I’m a very loyal friend. Step into my world. You’ll find it interesting.

Larosa:  My name is Larosa. My native country is the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a heterosexual black female. I grew up in an upper middle class family with my father, mother and four siblings. I spent eighteen years of my life in my Country where I graduated high school in 2003. I left the family house when I turned nineteen to go to South Africa for school. The reason I chose South Africa was that I wanted to learn English, since my native language is French. Another reason was the proximity. I wanted to be close my Country so that I could travel back and forth to visit the one I call “mine”. I started my experience in life in South Africa. Leaving without my parents shaped my behavior in many ways. I learned how to stand up for myself and how to care take of myself. South Africa was an eye opener for me. It is a very racist country. Black South Africans have been being emancipated for decades. The repercussions of the Apartheid are still affecting their behavior. I was really upset observing that Blacks and Whites in the university I was attending were separated. I had hardly seen Blacks and Whites hanging around together. In 2007, my family and I moved in the United States. This was a brand new journey into the unknown countries, with unknown expectations. The most stressful thing I encountered in the U.S was the refusal of my credits from South Africa. I restarted College as a freshmen student. I joined Palomar College, where I graduated in May 2011; then I transferred to California States San Marcos. I decided to take women’s studies just to complete my General Education. However, I am surprised that this class is giving me the opportunity to speak out about my fellow women back in Africa.

M: My name is M, and I am 19 years old. My social location is: I am White and Italian, I am upper middle class, I am able and healthy, I am straight, and I am a female. I am oppressed as a female but that does not stop me from doing and making anything possible. I work fulltime as well as go to school fulltime. It can be overwhelming at times but I do what I can to balance my life and make time for my school work.  I did not grow up in the traditional household, which has a lot to do with who I am today.  I believe women do have the opportunities to have equality.

Ann Pillai: I was born on the east coast, to a low to middle class family. I’ve had a rough and hectic childhood. I consider myself a feminist because of all the circumstances and issues I encountered throughout my life.  I don’t like myself to be classified as a “PMS-ing” girl who simply follows the clichéd stereotype of what most people consider a feminist.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can definitely speak for myself when I say that I write to inform people instead of directing the blame or pointing the finger to someone. Being wronged in my life gives me the yearning to reach out to someone and make the difference that I was lacking in my early life. So that is what my intentions are for this publication, to leave a piece of me and my experiences for someone else to take and run with.  Each and every individual has something (message, experience, or idea) to keep, to share, and to cherish.

Lily Wiley: I was born and raised in a teeny suburb of Chicago. In the middle of high school, my mom relocated to San Diego, dragging me with her. I didn’t complain, as living in California is a dream come true! The weather is always wonderful, even when it rains, which is a rare occurrence, it is welcomed with open arms! I was raised by a single-mom with strict Christian values. Right and wrong were clearly defined for me, and I did not always understand why certain things were so wrong. I guess one could say I fiercely rebelled from those rigid guidelines. I see people as individuals, not as their actions. I believe people are good, and that the world’s core is one of goodness. However, I see that our world has a lot wrong with it right now. I aim to change some of that before my time here is up. I believe the best way to change the world is to empower the youth of the world, that is why I am going into education. I want each child to feel important and powerful, and to do good things with their power.

Michaella: I am a fourth year college student at Cal State University San Marcos, where I have been working towards getting my teaching credential for elementary aged students. I live in San Marcos, and have been a resident of California all of my life. My passions include running, working with children in and outside of the classroom, and advocating for the underdog. I have been enrolled in women’s studies classes on and off during my four years on campus, and have taken a great interest in spreading awareness on issues concerning all of our nation, as well as on a global level. My hope is that my advocating and help will find its way to those who need it the most.

Medicei is a 20 year old, psychology major who was born and raised in Southern California. During her childhood, she was raised in a less fortunate household and has gained a unique perspective from this upbringing. Her parents stressed how important it was to get a good education and she tries her best to juggle a full class schedule, home life and working full time. She enjoys a quiet lifestyle with her boyfriend of four years and her cat. Medicei strives to let her humor shine through her articles and have it have a relatable tone for all audiences.

Avanzia: Avanzia is Italian for, to advance/ to proceed, and through writing that is what I wish to do. I am a mother of a beautiful daughter with one on the way and a wife to a supportive Marine. I am said to be full of passion; passion for life, love, education and people. I grew up in a fun and crazy Italian family whom I am still very close with; yes. . . I am a Mama’s girl even in my late twenties. I learned how short and valuable life is at a young age, and to seek to live it with fire in my heart.

Yivil27: I was born and raised in Chicago, IL to a wonderful and yet crazy family.  I decided to join the military as the only good option after refusing to go to college right after high school. Why you ask…well I guess I was hoping to gain a new perspective in life and in which I did.  I am a twenty-six year old, Asian-American female pursing her ambitious degree in Global Supply Chain Management.  I am a publisher and an activist.  My goal is to speak my mind.  It’s all about equal opportunity, peace, love and happiness.  Yeah, it might sound cheesy to some folks but it’s not important what background you come from or was raised in; your gender, race, or sexual preferences, it all shouldn’t matter one bit.  The question I’m asking you is-do you agree or disagree?

Taylor: My name is Taylor and I am currently in my last semester at California State University of San Marcos. In the duration of my studies here in San Marcos, this is the first semester that I have taken a class having to do with feminism in any way. Being half way into the semester, I can say that I have learned an immense amount of information about activism and what it means to be a feminist. I, myself, have always been afraid of that word, but have recently come to terms with it and the fact that being a feminist is a great thing to be. Growing up in Southern Orange County in a family who has always been very supportive of me, I consider myself to be very privileged in many different ways. I strive to help women make a name for themselves’ in the world and hope that someday there will be such thing as equality in this world.

M: My name is M and I am 19 years old. My social location is: I am White and Italian, I am upper middle class, I am able and healthy, I am straight, and I am a female. I am oppressed as a female but that does not stop me from doing and making anything possible. I work fulltime as well as go to school fulltime. This can be overwhelming at times, but I do what I can to balance my life and make time for my school work.  I did not grow up in the traditional household which has a lot to do with who I am today. I am an avid believer that women do have the opportunities to have equality.

Smith: I am a strong, independent woman who has a great amount of passion to accomplish anything I sent my mind to do. I am a Communication’s major, with a minor in Women’s Studies. The study of Communications has showed me that the roots of oppression go deeper than general broad issues and expand to the roots of our very day language. Everyone has a partial side of the story and it takes everyone’s side of the story to create a WHOLE story. This idea stresses the importance of communication and how changing the language or having the respect to listen to each other can transform society. Furthermore, it is what I’ve learned about Communication and Women’s Studies that has enabled me the skills to dissect societal hierarchies leading to better dialogue with others of different backgrounds. The act of changing language and how I communicate with others is a form of my own activism.

Mer: I am a full time student at California State University, San Marcos studying Psychology and will continue on to pursue my masters’ degree in the future. I am from the San Francisco bay area. I am also an active member of Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, Student Support Services, Psychology Student Organization and the Greek Awareness of Mature Management of Alcohol Peer Mentor Program. I have completed over 270 hours of community service with various projects in Southern California.  I have an open mind and my goal is to always advocate for social injustices.

K.B.: I am a 22 year old Criminology major at CSUSM. I have two Associate Degrees in Legal Studies and Behavioral Science from Palomar College. I have always been passionate about advocating more mental health resources for the many people who cannot afford the proper care to manage their mood disorders. As someone who suffers from Bipolar Depression, I can understand the everyday obstacles that many students face to accomplish their academic goals. My articles are meant to inspire, motivate, and encourage students who feel isolated and discouraged to get the necessary help they deserve, despite their socio-economic status.

Kay: I am a full time student at CSUSM studying business and plan to start a company after I graduate. I work in real estate currently and enjoy spending time with my friends and family. My childhood has shaped my views on society and has made me an activist because I grew up in a home lead by a strong, independent woman. I hope this blog can bring light to topics that we take for  granted and make a difference in people’s views on the injustices we live with everyday.

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